1500 Calorie Indian Dietary Chart for Weight Loss and 10 Simple Rules

Using too much oil, butter and sugar, the technique of improper cooking, and eating too much or asking others to eat as a kind of gesture, are the main reasons for growing weight in India. Recent studies have shown that obesity causes many diseases and is the primary cause of heart attack (1). Obesity is also associated with poor mental health (2).

So, it is understandable to stick to this delicious, but low-fat Indian food. And pay attention to you, crash dieting is not the way to lose weight. You can still enjoy delicious Indian food by tweeting your meal plan and recipes a bit.

This article will give you insights into changing your eating habits with minimal intervention.

Vegetarian food is a great way to lose weight. Because, veggies contain good carbs, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and proteins. These nutrients stop the absorption of fat, improve the bowel movement, strengthen the bones, reduce fat and help in muscle formation, increase the brain’s function, activate the body, and All diseases are kept away.

Pulses, tofu, soya, beans, milk, mushrooms, and paneer do not provide the body with adequate protein or essential amino acids. Protein is not only the building block of your body but it is also hard to digest, that is why the body needs to spend more calories to digest the protein, which reduces the weight. Apart from this, vegetarians also fall under obesity like those eating meat. Next is the most popular Paleo diet for Indians.

Paleo diet is also a great option for weight loss. The principle behind the Paleo diet is that “eat a pound to eat like a cave.” High protein and high fiber diet allows you to lose weight without cutting the calories. Paleo or Stone Age Diet helps to keep diabetes, coronary disease and cancer away. You should have lean meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. You can also include legumes, nuts, seeds, and peanuts.

It is difficult for vegetarians to follow this diet because lean meat is emphasized. In addition, dairy products are absent from Paleo diet, so you remember essential nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. Any amount of vegetables can not be a good option for lip meats. So, the vegans will be deficient in protein. This diet plan is not budget friendly.

If you can circumvent the boundaries, then you will find that there are many positive aspects of Paleo diet. This is a low sodium diet plan, and you do not need to count calories. Now, let me tell you 10 rules of Indian diet charts for weight loss and share the 4-week Indian diet plan so that you lose weight effectively and permanently.

It is important to be disciplined while following any diet program. If you are serious about losing weight to improve health, follow these 10 simple rules to maintain your appetite on bay.

You should eat at least five parts of fruits and vegetables every day. Fruits are extremely beneficial when consumed by empty stomach. Therefore, starting your day with fruits is a healthy choice. Do not take fruit immediately after any meal.

Prevent consumption of stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol, and refined sugar. Caffeine is harmful when taken on an empty stomach. Therefore, avoid bed tea or coffee. It is advisable to have tea or coffee with food.

Breakfast in the morning is the most important meal of the day. In fact, for breakfast it is advisable to do something that gradually generates energy, such as a bowl of porridge or a cup of low fat yogurt (curd).

Water also works as AIDS digestion and as a detoxifying agent. Therefore, drinking at least eight glasses of water is recommended every day. Besides, drinking plenty of water not only exposes toxins but also keeps your skin shining with health.

Water is a low calorie drink with low sodium. It also helps in the removal of toxic buildup inside the body and the extra weight of water and metabolism that jumps. If you find plain water boring, you can squeeze in a lemon and add a spoonful honey or even drink tender coconut water which will help restore electrolyte balance in the body.

Avoid long intervals between your food because the food you eat changes to fat instead of being used for energy. Your

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